Sport Injuries

Many athletes and sports enthusiasts experience injuries.

Injuries can occur due to body contact, poor co-ordination, trauma, lack of balance, repetitive movement, jolting or excessive force, but regardless, any kind of sport damage encounters pain to the injured part of the body, usually followed by inflammation and swelling.

Blood clots can also form as a response to tissue damage and when bleeding occurs, coagulation of blood takes place to block leakage, encouraging repair to damaged blood vessels.

Prolonged inflammation of an injured area can lead to a chronic condition and destruction of surrounding normal cells and tissues, further delaying the healing process, which can lead to a temporary loss of function.

Treating Golfer's Elbow with Leech Therapy

Golfer's elbow is an inflammatory condition of the elbow caused by the same tendon being stressed during a game.

It can become very painful over time and unfortunately can interfere with a player's handicap, which is particularly frustrating for professional players as well as enthusiastic amateurs.

Usually, many players suffering golfer's elbow will try conservative treatment before resorting to anesthetics and steroids and in many cases will continue to feel pain due to the same tendon being continuously stressed during a golf swing.

Mr. Mehdi Jaffari uses natural leech therapy to successfully treat Golfer's Elbow and depending on the severity, the problem can be resolved in two to four treatments.

Treatment for Golfer's Elbow

Treatment for Golfer's Elbow

Treatment for Golfer's Elbow

Treatment for Golfer's Elbow

Leech Therapy is a safe and natural solution to Golfer's Elbow, without the need for continued visits to an occupational therapist or the use of anti-inflammatory drugs or steroids and most importantly, the requirement of resting the elbow for long periods, resulting in taking time away from the passion of the players.


Treating Rugby Injuries with Leech Therapy

Direct injuries caused by an external blow or force is very common in Rugby. Examples of collisions with other players during a tackle can cause haematomas [corks] and bruising, damage to joints and ligaments as well as dislocations and bone fractures.

During practice and tournaments, excessive and repetitive force can often be placed on the bones and other connective tissues of the body, causing overuse injury. In the early stages of these injuries, little or no pain might be experienced until the damage accumulates, causing the injured site to become inflamed and painful.

Mehdi Jaffari uses his vast experience to treat sports injuries with Leech Therapy.

Treating Sport Injuries with Leech Therapy

Leech therapy is extremely beneficial in the healing process of sport injuries due to enzymes found in leech saliva, which are known to reduce pain, inflammation and dissolving blood clots.


Enzymes found in leech saliva dilate vessels and work together with other enzymes to flush out toxins and promote healthy circulation to accelerate the healing process, as well as containing antibacterial enzymes that help prevent and eliminate the production of bacteria.

Leech therapy diminishes inflammation, swelling and pain of an injured area, leading to an accelerated normal function.

During therapy, leeches also inject an anesthetic enzyme which deadens the pain, as well as an antibacterial enzyme, which destroys the bacteria present, preventing further infection of the site, all of which work together to speed up the healing process of sport injuries.

Duration of leech therapy is dependent upon the severity of the sport injury. Likewise, the frequency of the sessions and the number of leeches used in the treatment also vary per individual.