Using Leech Therapy for Hepatitis

The liver is a very important organ, not only does it function to filter toxins from our body, but it also produces important enzymes, acts as a storage area for vitamins and nutrients and helps maintain balance.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis?


Signs and symptoms of hepatitis vary, depending upon the cause of liver inflammation. Some people experience flu-like symptoms, vomiting, nauseous or loss of appetite and diarrhea. General body weakness can be felt, as well as muscle aches or tenderness on the right side of the body underneath the ribcage. People suffering long-term hepatitis can have a distinct yellowing of the skin and eyes; in fact, there are many signs and symptoms, depending upon the kind of hepatitis.

What are Causes of Hepatitis?

There are many things that can cause hepatitis, but viruses are the most common. Viruses can be transmitted when an individual ingests contaminated food or water, undergoes an exchange of blood or when individuals have unprotected sex with an infected partner. Drug addicts who share needles with other addicts are also susceptible to hepatitis.

Aside from viruses that can cause hepatitis, alcoholics can also develop alcoholic hepatitis, where the liver becomes inflamed due to the excessive amount of consumed alcohol. Alcoholic hepatitis can lead to cirrhosis of the liver caused by long-term alcohol consumption.

There are also a number of medications and drugs that can damage the liver when used over a long period of time, for example some antihypertensive drugs, antibiotics and antidepressants can cause some inflammation to the liver.

What is the Alternative Treatment for Hepatitis?

A healthy liver

A healthy liver

Leech therapy has been used in the treatment of many illnesses for thousands of years.

A healthy blood supply is needed to fight off infection and inflammation in the liver and beneficial enzymes found in the saliva of leeches include anti-inflammatory enzymes which help reduce swelling as well as histamine-like enzymes that act to vasodilate the blood vessels, further enhancing blood flow. There are also antibacterial components in leech saliva that help fight disease.