Leech Therapy, as the name implies, is the utilisation of medicinal leeches to treat and cure diseases and promote balance in the human body.

Medical leeches are placed on the patient's affected part (legs for vascular diseases, for example) and allowed to fasten their mouths on the patient's skin. In the process of sucking out "impure" blood, the saliva of the leeches enters through the puncture site, delivering valuable enzymes that act as an anticoagulant, anti-clotting, vasodilator, anesthetic, bacteriostatic, and anti-inflammatory agents. All these promote good blood flow with the prevention and breaking up of formed clots. It also relieves pain and inflammation.



Since ancient times, leeches were used to treat many illnesses and disease through bloodletting, a method where blood was drawn out in the hope that removing impure blood would heal the body. Believe it or not, leech therapy is sometimes the best alternative in treating illnesses, and even surpasses pharmacological treatments. Because of its healing effects to the human body, this traditional method of curing diseases is still thriving today.                           



Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing provides natural therapy using leeches, one of the most ancient methods of healing documented in the history of medicine.

Our clinic offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where leech therapy is provided for the treatment of many ailments to improve conditions, relieve pain and play a role in optimum health by aiding general wellbeing, assisting in reducing toxins, therefore building energy and keeping the body stronger.



Mehdi conducts Leech Therapy courses in many countries. 

Courses provide the key fundamental foundation for Medicinal Leech Therapy and are suitable for those new to Hirudotherapy as well as experienced Therapists who need more comprehensive and informed knowledge. The Courses focus on core knowledge and safety.



Leech Therapy is a natural treatment for a range of diseases AND inflictions:



Millions of people suffer from Migraines each year. There is a theory that suggests migraines are caused by tiny blood clots which travel to the brain and disrupt the flow of blood, causing the typical symptoms of migraine.


Skin Diseases

Leech Therapy can be beneficial in treating a range of skin diseases such as Alopecia, Boils, Shingles and Psoriasis due to the ability of leeches to remove pooled blood, but also the healing properties in their saliva.


Skin Grafts

Skin grafts, although taken from the same individual, can still present a lot of risks to the graft taking. Leech Therapy can promote healing as well as assist in the recovery of patients who have undergone skin grafting.