Leech Therapy and Endometriosis

Diagram of the uterus

Diagram of the uterus

It has been found that leech therapy is very beneficial to women who are suffering from Endometriosis.

The cause of pain in Endometriosis is brought about by clots of blood clinging to the uterine wall as well as swelling of the area, further trapping toxins that can greatly increase pain.

The saliva in leeches is rich with enzymes that can prevent coagulation of blood which leads to blood clots. Once these enzymes have dissolved the blood clots and restored a normal flow of blood into the uterus, toxins are flushed away.

Another important compound in leech’s saliva is the anti-inflammatory enzymes, which aid in the reduction of inflammation. Once inflammation subsides, blood can flow freely into vessels, which are further dilated by the vasodilator agents in leech’s saliva.


There are also antibacterial agents in the leech’s saliva, which further protect the uterus and surrounding areas from bacterial infection, which can also cause pain and swelling.