About Mehdi

Mehdi brings his experience in Leech Therapy from the Middle East, where leeches were used for generations to assist and heal numerous diseases. 

In Australia and New Zealand, Mehdi is known for being the first Leech Therapist to use his methods of treatment in cardiovascular and vascular disease, the developed world's leading cause of death.

He heads the team of Therapists at Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing, where natural healing using Leech Therapy treats a wide range of ailments for people who are unhappy with the side effects of their current treatment or because there is no conventional medical treatment available.

In Addition Mehdi holds the Australian Patent for method of 'Using leeches for Cardiovascular and Vascular Disease'.

He is passionate about sharing his knowledge of Medicinal Leech Therapy and providing education through his Leech Therapy Courses, which include information of health benefits.

Mr. Mehdi Jaffari, President of International Leech Therapy Institute of Associates & c/o Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing

Mr. Mehdi Jaffari, President of International Leech Therapy Institute of Associates & c/o Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing

A Word from Mehdi

As Founder and Director of ‘Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing Pty Ltd Australia and President of International Leech Therapy Institute of Associates c/o LCHH, NSW, Australia, it’s my pleasure to welcome you to Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing.

I refer to areas of my profession as ‘Tools for Life’ and Leech Therapy is an amazing ‘Tool’ available to all of us as a natural gift of nature. With over 40 years of experience treating numerous health ailments, I recognise the importance of making myself available to overseas patients who are unable to visit my clinics for leech therapy treatment due to their threatening health situations. I feel privileged to have helped many people in difficult situations, including saving diabetic patients who face amputation. My ability to visit overseas patients has been due to the quick response and dedication of my staff, who coordinate my working schedule.

The most frequent ailments I treat with medicinal leech therapy are listed on this website. Other ailments not currently listed include Strokes, symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, Prostate issues, RSI and sleeping disorders.

I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge of Medicinal Leech Therapy and provide education through my Leech Therapy Courses, which includes information of Health Benefits that can impact people’s lives as discussed throughout my website and blog and many media interviews. 

I’m committed to my Vision of introducing and teaching people around the world about all areas of Medicinal Leech Therapy and the many health benefits.

I welcome everyone interested in learning about Medicinal Leech Therapy and further education in this area to contact me. I encourage NEW Collaborations from Universities and International Companies who are interested in organising and coordinating Venues for Leech Therapy Courses in their country. Your interest and queries are welcomed, so please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. 
— Kindest Regards, Mehdi